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  • -40 to 149F temperature range
  • High-Density Polyethylene bottle
  • 1/4” ID x 7/16” OD tube with 2000ml bottle
  • 1/8” ID x 1/4” OD tube with 125-1000ml bottles
  • No endotoxin via USP <85> and ANSI/AAMI ST72
  • 25-40kGy gamma irradiation


TBL C Series Cellgyn TPE Media Bottle is a crystal clear copolyester (PETG) bottle designed for optical monitoring. Each C Series Cellgyn media bottle comes with Cellgyn brand TPE tubing, a vent filter, stoppers, clamps, and poly plugs.

C Series Cellgyn TPE media bottle features Cellgyn brand TPE tubing which is excellent for its barrier properties, purity, and universal weldability. TBL’s standard vent filter features a 25MM. .2μm hydrophobic PVDF membrane to provide superior gamma stability and ensure a higher degree of sterility assurance. Additionally, C-Series are supplied standard with a polypropylene plug on outlet of siphon tube and mechanically secure ABS gamma stable tube clamps. All C series Cellgyn media bottles are assembled and packaged in an ISO Class 7 environment.

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