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  • Unobstructed flow path and no dead legs provide dramatically reduced hold-up volume
  • 100% tested for accuracy and leaks during manufacturing
  • USP Class VI both pre- and post-gamma irradiation
  • Certificate of Quality included with lot certification
  • NIST Certificates available
  • FDA Registered, ISO 13485 certified facility
  • ISO Class 7 clean room
  • Compatible with gamma irradiation and X-ray irradiation
  • May be non-invasively tested in-place via test port


The PendoTECH single use sterile pressure sensor measures static and dynamic pressure of gases and liquids in processes. The sensor is designed for filtration and chromatography processes, monitoring of glass and disposable bioreactors, filling operations, and more. The sensor is robust enough to be repeatedly cleaned, and inexpensive enough to be used in disposable applications, making it an excellent low-cost alternative to stainless steel pressure transducers for use with tubing.

The PendoTECH sensor features the PendoTECH High Accuracy Pressure (MEMS-HAP) chip, and it connects to a monitor via an integral connector. Suitable monitors include the PendoTECH PressureMAT monitor/transmitter, the PendoTECH Process Control System, or other pre-qualified third party monitors. The sensors can be non-invasively tested in place with the PendoTECH PressureCHECKER. 


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